SCVURPPP's C.3 Stormwater Handbook - Santa Clara Valley Urban.

The product I want to use isn't in the list; can I enter my data/values manually? Simply follow the instructions on the popup data input screen, clicking the small square on the rht of the input boxes turns them to manual input, but remember to give your product a name so that when you print out your results you will know what you have specified. The Government updated Part G of the Building Regulations in April 2010.

Sustainability policy, current law, legislation and. - Fenwick Elliott

This sets a whole building standard of 125 litres per person per day for domestic buildings.

Chapter 13 sustainability - LABC Warranty

Energy efficiency and the Code for Sustainable Homes Energy.

The calculator is desned for anyone involved in the development of new homes, e.g. It is desned make it quicker and easier to comply with the water aspect of Building Regulations and/or the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Chapter 13 sustainability - LABC Warranty

Yes you can, provided you have the calculation results verified and approved by a Building Control Officer or suitably qualified Code for Sustainable Homes assessor. The calculator is desned to be used by anyone who is involved in the desn and construction of new homes.

Code for sustainable homes technical guidance manual:

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