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Operation of the Model T is easier to master than a manual transmission car of today With the car on level ground and the engine off, climb up behind the wheel.

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The Barefoot Canoe Expedition, Idaho to New Orleans 1984 Barefoot Goldwinging – Most All of North America, 1997-2000 Voyages of the Barefoot Windwalker Across the North Atlantic Getting Out and Getting Under in the Good Ol' US of A A Beginner's Guide by Barefoot Driving a Model T is easy and it is fun.

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The "Tin Lizzie" may appear unlovely and ungainly at first, but she is utterly simple, straht-forward and agile in her own way.

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The Ford Model T was the world's first mass produced car, the car that put the world on wheels, desned to be operated easily by folks who had previously only driven a mule.

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