In May, Carnival's ill-fated "voluntourism" Fathom brand saw its sole cruise ship, the recently suffered a loss of all electricity during a port in Abu Dhabi, and the Lindblad Expeditions' National Geographic Orion suffered a catastrophic power failure while leaving Antarctica.

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As the last few days of 2016 count down, it's time to pick the most outrageous stories of the year. This year saw the usual number of power failures and propulsion issues which have plagued the industry for years.

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The year ends with the Viking Sea losing power (for the second time this year); the Viking ship finds itself stuck in Barcelona. 2016 saw drug busts involving literally hundreds and hundreds of pounds of e smuggled on cruise ship by crew members and passengers alike.

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In August, the Australian Federal Police hit the mother-load and arrested three cruise ship passengers, including a young woman formerly in the porn business, involved in smuggling 95 kilos (over 209 lbs.) of e into the port in Sydney, Australia on the after they chronicled their 66-day world cruise on Instagram.

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