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An ordinary merchant vessel was fortified with hidden guns and torpedoes, then loaded with wooden caskets, cork — anything for buoyancy — so it could survive (or at least limp through) a submarine's attack.

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Dusting off our World War I history books for a moment, we're reminded that the term was coined to describe a British countermeasure to German U-boats that were choking their shipping lanes.

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The U-boat, torpedoes away and sensing a , would surface to finish its business at close range with its deck gun. The harmless-looking Q-ship would then unload its ordnance on Das Boot, sending its periscope down for the final time.

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And so it is with the TL, stalking the unsuspecting with performance that belies a tidy, if not especially aggressive exterior shape..ordinary merchant vessel for the road with a little something extra under the hood.

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