Why doesn't my Touch N Go garage door opener lift the

I tried googling the problem but the company that made my opener (an "Overhead Door (tm) Touch 'N Go") no longer seems to exist.


Which is securely stowed in my now-unaccessible garage. ETA: I assumed you had access to the inside of the garage, where the override is. Shove something like a chair or stepladder under it after you get it open so as to eliminate possibility of dropping said door on your foot until you have a new opening/closing system up and running.

Why doesn't my <em>Touch</em> N Go garage door opener lift the

Touch 'n Go User Guide

Most people seem to recommend purchasing a universal remote, which would be fine, except it seems to require access to the actual opener unit... Raising it is difficult, but not impossible after it's loose. If you can manually raise the door it wouldn't hurt to have someone assist you, as such doors can be quite heavy and they need to be lifted evenly.

B'oh! Garage door remote broken, only access to garage is

I have an external garage, and the only way in is through the garage door.

Touch n go model 100 manual:

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Overall: 91 Rates