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The unit also includes: 5 colour overlays for the front panel, customized for popular software programs such as Ableton Live, Pro-53, B4 and a general Mixer Channel Strip plus a blank which you can tailor to your personal setup needs.

MIDI In/Out MIDI Messages Explained

The powerful Snapshot feature instantly makes all controllers live for real-time, on-the-fly editing, and the unique control mute function mutes the output of all controllers, allowing users to position them before tweaking, thereby preventing parameters such as filter cut-off or amplitude levels from jumping abruptly during performance.

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Use the ' UC-33' with a conventional MIDI setup, for live performances, or as a remote control for your existing studio rack.


The Evolution ' UC-33 Advanced USB MIDI Control Surface' is the affordable, easy-to-use remote USB controller for any computer music system or MIDI setup.

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