Difference Between Automatic and Manual Cars

Traditionally thought to be the more fuel efficient option, manual transmission vehicles give the driver more control over their driving choices than an automatic.

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28 Aug 15 Fuel efficiency isn't just important in keeping your running costs down, it's also an integral part of minimising driving-related emissions for the sake of the planet.

<i>Manual</i> vs automatic <i>transmission</i> Which is more efficient.

Expenses & benefits of a stick shift vs an automatic? - cars.

Technology has moved on since the days when smoke belching, fuel guzzling vehicles used to be the only option for the discerning driver - now engines are made smarter, running cleaner than ever before, with some even powered thanks to electricity.

How to Choose Between a Car with Automatic or Manual.

Whether you fall down on the manual or automatic side of the argument, you can find out more about the eco status of a used car with a Car History report.

Benefits of a manual transmission car:

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