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Ford Falcon EF EL NF NL Workshop Manual

Article for print out is located here This is a guide put together by myself (Mongrel EB) and Gli 90 on how to change over to a manual transmission. We found, swapping the EA box into an EB, that the front yoke has a different spline pattern inside also. joints will go into an EB tailshaft, using the EB circlips to hold them in place. The auto pedalbox can take the pedal, with the addition of a piece of rod, but for the effort you may as well get the whole manual pedalbox.

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Archive Ford Falcon EL XRs Review 1996 - Wheels Magazine

Although an effort has been made to make it a step-by-step guide, it is assumed by the authors that how to undo most fastenings will be obvious on viewing them. Cheapest seems to be 15L of distilled (demineralised) water and some coolant concentrate. A trolley jack will help but is not neccessary, however without one I would just pull the motor. While the draining is taking place, unscrew the gear knob and snap out the shifter surround from the car interior.

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Although it is desned to be as accurate as possible, there may be some slht differences between models. Oh yeah, MAKE SURE YOU GET THE WIRING LOOM WITH THE BOX!!! The car will run with the old computer, at least the EECIV up to EB ser I, but after that apparently it combines engine and gearbox computers - ask NZin Aus, 'cos I don't know. mine, the engine will occasionally idle hh, as if the box was in Drive. Also, at least 3L of dextron II or similar gearbox fluid, and 150ml Lubrizol 7906. from the radiator is too dirty to reuse, so get your preferred brand of that, or a VERY fine filter. INSTALLATION - LEAVING MOTOR IN The manual box will fit the auto crossmember. Depending on your facilities you may not need to pull the motor out. If you can raise and support the car safely at about 1/2 a metre from the ground, you can leave the motor in.

1996 el ford falcon manual:

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