Koss Home Theater System ks2117 how to set the clock.

In movies with 5.1 surround sound almost all the vocal tracks come out of the center channel. Press Menu on the remote, the display on the system display, not on tv should show Speaker, and other options.

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You can then hit exit til goes back to where the display is back on main screen, or just wait til it exit by itself.

<i>Koss</i> Home Theater System <i>ks2117</i> how to set the clock.

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I plug the unit into a different wall unit, but same problem. First I would check your connections for your center channel speaker. What I did was turn on the system, don't put in any dvd in, or select an output 1 or 2.

Why does my KOSS Dvd Player/Surround Sound System not have.

My Koss Ks2117 Home Theatre will not power up using the power button on the unit or using the remote. Salutations robn7499, There are a few things that may cause this to happen.

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