Nikon Imaging Products Precise subject acquisition - Nikon D5200

Indeed, upon verifying that I could see a real issue that was different than I had encountered before, I reached out to contacts within Nikon about the problem.

D800 Autofocus Problem DSLRBodies Thom Hogan

I've mentioned seeing D800 bodies with a focus alnment problem and first reported on this extensively in mid-2012.

<i>D800</i> Autofocus Problem DSLRBodies Thom Hogan

Using Live View for Better Still Images - Dital

I was relatively quiet for a long time about anything other than reporting that I'd seen the problem.

Capture live view - Online Help for Capture One 10 and Capture Pilot

Eventually, one was willing to give me Nikon's official on-the-record position, which I'll quote verbatim here:"Any customer who is having an issue with their Nikon product should contact us [Nikon] directly so we can troubleshoot and advise on a resolution.

Nikon d800 live view manual focus:

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