How to Replace the On/Off Switch on a Flymo Lawn

Also, if there is a build up of grass cuttings underneath the hood, or in between the fins on the impeller, then this will prevent the machine from hovering.

Flymo Pac a Shredder Manuals

When starting your Flymo hover mower, it should be tilted slhtly to allow the air to circulate under the deck, giving it lift.

How to Replace the On/Off Switch on a <i>Flymo</i> Lawn

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This causes the machine to be sucked down onto the lawn and prevents it from hovering. Working in one direction, then at rht angles after the initial sweep, use a spring-tined over the lawn, dging into the top level of soil.

The Pac a Mow from Flymo

Not doing this could make the machine feel heavy during use.

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