Laars Mhty Therm Pool Heating Boiler AP 500-1825 - free boiler.

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Manufacture or age of an TELEDYNE LAARS® HVAC equipment.

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<em>Laars</em> boiler problem - YouTube

Laars boiler problem - YouTube

There is a third wire in the wall which runs to the basement where it is cut off. It appears to me that I should connect the C wire to the "2" terminal of the zone valve as shown on the attached wiring diagram. I have traced the wire to a 24VAc transformer in the boiler.

LAARS Mini Therm Hydronic Boiler Review Wet Head Media

I am connecting the thermostat to the main zone so I can monitor the house temperature while we're traveling.

Teledyne laars mini therm 2 manual:

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