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A 6,000-hour commercial pilot, A&P mechanic, and CFI with airplane, instrument and multiengine ratings, Mike has been flying for 38 years and an aircraft owner for 35. This article was updated in November 2003 to reflect the unavailability of the previously recommended AIM and Senco detectors (both of which are no longer in production), and the introduction of the CO Experts Model 2002 which has now become our top choice for aircraft use.

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The experienced instrument-rated pilot and his 71-year-old mother had departed Farmingdale Airport on New York's Long Island at a.m. Thirty-six minutes into the flht, the passenger (who was herself a low-time private pilot) radioed Boston Center and told the controller that the pilot was unresponsive and vomiting, and they were in trouble.

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Forty-five minutes into the flht, the woman reported that she, too, was getting tired and nauseated, and was unable to awaken the pilot.

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An Air National Guard helicopter joined up with the aircraft and participated in the talk-down attempt, but without success.

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