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I've been noticing they do have a following on Ebay...........

What I Do Jeff Lenburg

And as if by some divine plan, the local ski shop got in a couple of pairs of Scott boots, and advertised they could get hold of The Ski.

What I Do Jeff Lenburg

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In Scotland, the ‘aspirational’ gear was all European, so we were all skiing Atomics, Rossnols, Fischers, Kneissels, Blizzards etc, and the Omeglass had just come out and the Uni bought us a new pair each When I left Uni in ’79 I wasn’t going to continue ski-racing solo – I wasn’t good enough, but I did want something ‘special’.

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I was at University in the mid/late 70s and was part of the ski team – a solid team member I guess, but never a star.

Smithsonian bionic bug manual:

Rating: 96 / 100

Overall: 100 Rates