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Full BPM6 text in PDF format Table of Contents Chapter 1. BPM6 makes the international investment position (IIP) more central to the framework than does BPM5, and also incorporates clarifications and changes that had already been agreed, such as the clarification of some direct investment transactions (see Direct Investment Methodology: Recommended Treatment of Selected FDI Transactions) and the treatment of financial derivatives (see Classification of Financial Derivatives Involving Affiliated Enterprises). The downloadable version in PDF format will continue to be available free of charge on the IMF’s website (see above links).

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See also companion volumes, the Balance of Payments Compilation Guide and the Balance of Payments Textbook.

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The Manual contains snificantly expanded and restructured coverage of financial flows and stocks and international transactions in services.

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The fifth edition of Balance of Payments Manual, issued in 1993, presents revised and updated standards for concepts, definitions, classifications, and conventions for compilation of balance of payments and international investment position statistics that reflect the widespread changes that have taken place in international transactions since the fouth edition was published in 1977.

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