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You can read these codes by the following procedure: SPECIAL NOTE: These models may have a software problem that can cause a whole raft of weird symptoms, including but not limited to: No picture, frozen picture, picture stuck on the blue "Welcome" screen, no audio, noisy audio, no power, will not boot, will not turn off, turns off intermittently, or locked-up controls.


These are shown in the last eleven rows of the table below.

<i>Mitsubishi</i> d'occasion

Mitsubishi 65 Inch Tv Owner's Manual

To read the diagnostics, do the following: These models have three different front panel LED indicators: POWER/TIMER, STATUS, AND LAMP.

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The set also stores a two-dit error code that gives more specific information about the cause of the last shutdown.

Mitsubishi 65 inch dlp owners manual:

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