Lomi Lomi - Hawaiian Temple Bodywork 1

Want to sponsor one of his courses for your facility or ? Let us know which course(s) and when youre typiy available: AYURVEDA is a traditional, holistic system of health science from India and has been practiced for over 5,000 years.

Manual Lymph Drainage Teachers - Vodder

This course will cover: My experience through the years in receiving Ayurvedic massages from Nancy Smith has been healing and extremely centering.

Lomi Lomi - Hawaiian Temple Bodywork 1

Dr. Vodder's MLD - YouTube

Benefits of Ayurvedic massage include increased vitality, relaxation, and reduced stress.


The Massage Therapist will learn Traditional Ayurvedic principles and how to restore balance with oils, herbs, and steam.

Dr vodder manual lymph:

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