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The Russians were searching for a weapon that was more fast handling and practical to carry and thus the M-38 was born.

How to Operate the safety on a Mosin-Nagant rifle

5 months into my purchase and my rifle is still performing like a champ. Recieved a 1943 M38 on this order with all matching numbers.

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The M-38 was produced as a shorter, lhter, version of the standard M91/30 rifle from 1939 through 1945.

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Once I start handloading for this rifle then I'll be able to bring out it's true potential. Non-counterbored barrel, pristine bore, all matching number rifle. The entire firearm is in great condition from the barrel, reciever, bolt, etc. It is one great looking firearm in great condition!

Mosin nagant m38 manual:

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