The treadmill will adjust speed and (if necessary) incline to elevate your. If, for any reason, the treadmill does not detect your heart rate snal, the treadmill will gradually decrease the workout intensity. BEFORE the pause timer expires to resume your program. the lower end of your selected training range by varying treadmill speed and incline. Before You Get Started Provides guidelines to help you have. STAR TRAC Personal Viewing Screen (PVS) Provides a description of what you will find in your PVS kit.

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Release the handle, ensuring that the spring retracts to its orinal position, and that the seat stays firmly in place.

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follows: Introduction Provides an overview of each section within the manual.

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Setting Up Your STAR TRAC Personal Viewing Screen (PVS) Provides step-by-step instruction set. Regulatory Information Provides regulatory information for the Star Trac Personal Viewing Screen.

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