Powerware® 9330 - United Power & Battery

Powerware 5115 Rack Mount Special Features Front and Rear Panels Service Indicator (Red) Load Segment 1 Indicator Load Segment 2 Indicator On Battery Indicator (Yellow) Power On Indicator (Green) On/Off Button Test/ Alarm Reset Button Overload Indicator (Red) USB Communications Port communicates with a USB-compliant computer when used with included Lan Safe power management software X-Slot Communications Bay (Optional) X-Slot Cards allow the UPS to communicate in a variety of networking environments and with different types of devices 6-ft.

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Adaptable to rack mount, wall mount, sidemount and bench-top applications, the Powerware 5115 RM is the most versatile UPS available.

Powerware® 9330 - United Power & Battery

Eaton 9155 UPS - UPS Eaton en México

Power Cord with 5-15 Plug Mounting Confurations Site Wire Fault Indicator offers instant notification of site wiring problems PW 5115 RM 120V Rear Panel Shown RS232 Communications Port provides unattended shutdown and remote UPS monitoring capability when used with included power management software and communication cable Network Transient Protector isolates your modem, fax machine, telephone and other communications equipment 1 2 Input and Output Voltage Confuration DIP Switches confure the output voltage and input voltage range Load Segments 1 & 2 are sets of receptacles that can be controlled by power management software, providing an orderly shutdown and startup of your equipment The Powerware 5115 RM UPS packs the same technology of the tower model into a compact desn for various applications.

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By limiting the rack heht (1U) of the UPS, the Powerware 5115 RM saves room for other critical equipment such as servers and disk arrays.

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