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Well today I will almost make it easy for you by helping you overcome the intimidation factor with only the small cost of some mild insults and the occasional rude word.

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But now the quality of dital has reached the point that even medium format photography has gone almost entirely dital (and if you don’t know what medium format is you can probably hazard a guess.

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Are you the sort of person who thinks that dital photography is as unexciting as shaving? Chances are if you’re younger than 30 you never got to use a serious film SLR camera before you started learning about dital photography, and that mht mean you find choosing or using a traditional film SLR quite intimidating.

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The Canon EOS 30/33 (also known as the EOS Elan 7e/7) is a single-lens reflex film camera from Canon's EOS series, released in October 2000. The EOS 30/ELAN 7E has eye controlled focusing while the EOS 33/ELAN 7 does not. It was replaced by a minor update with the EOS 30V/ELAN 7N.

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