Baxi Luna Duo-Tec GA+ Condensing Boiler

The Duo-Tec GA is a direct change over with all connection points remaining the same.

Baxi Combi Replacement Pressure Relief Safety Valve

The Duo-Tec boasts a 2yr Warranty, 5yr Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Warranty, up to 96% efficiency, a 1:7 modulation ratio, state of the art Gas Adaptive control, and a 7 model range for both heating only and Combi use… The Baxi Duo-Tec GA boiler range is ideal for Domestic use.

LUNA <i>DUO</i>-<i>TEC</i> GA LUNA <i>DUO</i>-<i>TEC</i> MP

Installation and Service Manual - Baxi

Line the BAXI Duo-Tec GA up against any other comparative Boiler and have a look at the stats.


Please note the BAXI Duo-Tec GA range replaces the Luna3 HT series.

Baxi duo tec 28 service manual:

Rating: 91 / 100

Overall: 93 Rates