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Multi-unit housing also must also be built to comply with the loy adopted building code and other State statutes on accessibility. These requirements are stated in the * Effective February 28, 2005 HUD determined that the IBC 2003 is a safe harbor, conditioned upon ICC publishing and distributing a statement to jurisdictions and past and future purchasers of the 2003 IBC stating, "ICC interprets Section 1104.1, and specifiy, the exception to Section 1104.1, to be read together with Section 1107.4, and that the Code requires an accessible pedestrian route from site arrival points to accessible building entrances, unless site impracticality applies.

HUD Fair Housing Act Desn Manual - The Fair Housing

This often surfaces as apartment complexes are sold to new Owners who perform due dilence for purchase, or by lenders during a refinancing process.

<em>HUD</em> <em>Fair</em> <em>Housing</em> <em>Act</em> Desn <em>Manual</em> - A <em>Manual</em> to Assist. -

Fair Housing Act Desn Manual HUD USER

Additionally, the ADA applies to parts of mixed use buildings and community amenities not used solely for the residents. This means, for example, that if a complaint is filed, the complaint could be filed against all persons involved in the desn and construction of the building, including architects, builders, building contractors, the owner, etc.

HUD Fair Housing Act Desn Manual - A Manual to Assist. -

Multi-family developments and single-family dwelling units in buildings having four or more units with first occupancy after March 13, 1991 must be desned and constructed to provide accessible and adaptable units through compliance with ANSI A117.11986.

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