Andy's tool is available in his Dell, Phoenix, Insyde thread Tool to Insert or Replace Slic in Dell, Phoenix Bioses Busykid508 has made a thread dedicated to How To Use The Tool Bios Recovery for Dell Proprietary Bioses Bios Recovery for Phoenix, Award and AMI A special thanks for everyone that participated in this project and those who risked thousands of dollars in equipment to test these bioses, It has truly been a team effort in every sense .

Dell 4700 User Manual -

I will try to get back to that -Shakey Windows based flashers may have to be run as "administrator" and as suggested by luv2chill, "Couple of things to try: 1. Go to com, drivers and downloads, put in your model # and go to BIOS sections. Maybe it's not flashing because it thinks that you already have that version installed. t=3486 Dos flashing Tut by nexas Based on xps m1330 but can be adapted to most of these Dell dos flash packages, thanks

<em>DELL</em> <em>DIMENSION</em> <em>4700</em> OWNER'S <em>MANUAL</em> Pdf Download.

Dell Dimension 4700 Series User Manual -

Cheers This tutorial is now quite outdated thanks to the hard and dedicated work of Apokrif, Andy P, Busykid508 and probably more who have now updated Andy's tool to decompose, decrypt, mod and rebuild Dell's bioses.

Dell Dimension - pedia

As soon as I get the chance I will go back and mention specific members who helped out, so if I didn't mention you by name, sorry. Maybe reset your BIOS to defaults too as a safeguard. If it's still not flashing, try to download a previous BIOS update from Dell.

Dell dimension 4700 user manual:

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