Nokia 6102 Cell Phone with Cingular Phone

1800Mobiles Nokia 6102 Cell Phone Review: It took Nokia a while before understanding that we need flip phones! Also the screen doesn't get as smudgy as most flip phones.

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We have seen many phones with 65,000 internal screens, but only a few come with a 4,000 colors external display like the Nokia 6102 does.

<i>Nokia</i> 6102 <i>Cell</i> <i>Phone</i> with <i>Cingular</i> <i>Phone</i>

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Not only Nokia got the message, but apparently it decided to show off with the new Nokia 6102 Cingular flip phone.

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The ringtones sound really good and aren't muffled. Louks The Nokia 6102 is small and simple, but packs in some nice features. One surprising feature was how easy it was to sync with Outlook using the Nokia PC Suite software and the phone's IR port.

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Rating: 89 / 100

Overall: 98 Rates