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It went further and produced a phone which records, playbacks and sends Video clips; comes with a FM radio; and with a new software that tells you if your friends are on-line and instant messaging each other!

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The ringtones sound really good and aren't muffled. Louks The Nokia 6102 is small and simple, but packs in some nice features. One surprising feature was how easy it was to sync with Outlook using the Nokia PC Suite software and the phone's IR port.

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1800Mobiles Nokia 6102 Cell Phone Review: It took Nokia a while before understanding that we need flip phones! Also the screen doesn't get as smudgy as most flip phones.

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Nokia could have stopped at making a VGA quality camera phone with vibrant internal and external color screens. The only feature missing seems to be Bluetooth, but a battery life capable of up to 4 hours of talk and data connection at EDGE speed force us to recommend the Nokia 6102 with Cingular service to anyone looking for a new cellular phone.

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Rating: 93 / 100

Overall: 91 Rates