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(photo courtesy Here is a comprehensive review of the ICF-6800W: I have one of these sets, and use it regularly. My volume control is also tempermental and needs to be jgled to get reliable/clear volume depending upon the setting.

Manual Sony icf 6800w owners - dejjdpts.files.

I have seen fully functional examples advertised on the web for $500 plus, although I don't know if any have actually sold for that much in the current market (doubt it).

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I'm not looking forward to dging into this thing, given its reputation for being a pain to work on.

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Good morning, sorry if this is in the wrong area, i was going through a couple of boxes of stuff my mother packed up a few years ago, after my father passed away, i came across a sony radio, model icf6800w, serial# a37079, i plugged it in, and it seams to work, all lhts and the snal meter works, i was able to tune in local stations on am and pm, i played around with some of the different settings and heard different languages playing, with the antenna extended, my question is, is there any value in this radio? could some one help me out with finding its value I moved this topic from Antique Radios Discussions to this forum because this is where the Transistor experts hang out.

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