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The only way to watch them is to hunt down a used tape and hope for the best. At a minimum, it is good to start with a Hi-Fi player with stereo out.

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On top of this, other films have editions, workprints, or alternate scenes only available on an older tape release.

User <i>Manual</i> - <i>SamsungSV</i>

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This is a guide about the logistics of ripping a VHS tape. Surprisingly, there are a lot of films that never made it on to DVD, and are stuck back in the age of magnetic tape.

User Manual - SamsungSV

With this guide, hopefully people can become more aware of how to rip from a tape, and save some lost classics! Many VCRs you will find have Hi-Fi capability, which was introduced in 1985 as an upgrade to the linear track (both mono and stereo formats exist) system first implemented in VCRs.

Samsung ssc-dual dvr users manual:

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