Ques In Animal Cytogenetics

We used the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to prepare chromosome-specific probes from the bacteriophage λ library LA01NS01, prepared at the Los Alamos National Laboratory from flow sorted human chromosome 1.

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This que allows for a relatively easy method for preparation of chromosome-specific library probes for “chromosome painting.” The quality of the results obtained by this method compares favorably to those obtained by using bulk-purified library inserts.

Ques In Animal Cytogenetics

The Ideal Gene Delivery Vector Chromallocytes, Cell.

By using olonucleotide primers flanking the Eco RI insertion site of the Charon 21A vector, we were able to amplify the human sequences preferentially in the library up to 9.1 kb (maximum insert size).

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The close relationship established by numerous parameters may or may not reflect homology at the DNA level.

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