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After that, a penalty of one day’s pay for each day of delay is applied. There are three ways to compute reserve retirement, which is based on when you first entered military service (not just reserve service).

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In addition to tuition assistance you may be elible for service specific education programs, scholarships, college funds, and other programs that can help you reach your education goals.

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That gives you the years of service (in active-duty years). Multiply that by the basic monty active-duty pay for your grade and years of service on the retired-pay effective date (normally your 60th birthday).

Handbook on USSR Military Forces Chapter II --

Retired reservists and Guard members must apply for retired pay, just as their active-duty counterparts do. Those who apply later will get pay retroactive to the day they were elible — if they state that date as the date retired pay is to begin — until age 66.

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