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This mod removed the save block on my game without any mods.

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EDIT: The issue seems to have resolved itself, actually, but it's kind of curious that it showed up in the first place. When everything was downloaded from Steam I DID NOT receive any messages upon starting the game, either Spore or GA, about patching] I am still using my orinal email as when I was prompted to register, the game would NOT allow me to register. I no longer had any content from any of my buddies and there was nothing in any of the sporecasts I subscribed to.

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I just launched the editor, and hit save, which saved a spine fine. Untested on Go G Spore, but it probably works there too. When I clicked the brht green "save and exit" button for a modded creature, the screen turned black for a while. I'm sure the file editing had the desired effect though, because I can see the modded creature in the My Spore Creations folder.

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As this is a tweak, and not a traditional mod, there is no download. When I went back into Spore, the game suddenly refused to log me in.

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