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Linear Algebra 2nd Edition Textbook Solutions

If false, explain why or give a counterexample that shows why the statement is not true in every case. Every matrix is row equivalent to a unique matrix in echelon form. Any system of n linear equations in n variables has at most n solutions. If a system of linear equations has two different solutions, it must have infinitely many solutions. If a system of linear equations has no free variables, then it has a unique solution. If an augmented matrix [A b] is transformed into [C d] by elementary row operations, then the equations Ax = b and Cx = d have exactly the same solution sets. If a system Ax = b has more than one solution, then so does the system Ax = 0. If A is an m × n matrix and the equation Ax = b is consistent for some b, then the columns of A span ℝ. If an augmented matrix [A b] can be transformed by elementary row operations into reduced echelon form, then the equation Ax = b is consistent. If matrices A and B are row equivalent, they have the same reduced echelon form. The equation Ax = 0 has the trivial solution if and only if there are no free variables. If A is an m × n matrix and the equation Ax = b is consistent for every b in ℝ. If an n × n matrix A has n pivot positions, then the reduced echelon form of A is the n × n identity matrix. If 3 × 3 matrices A and B each have three pivot positions, then A can be transformed into B by elementary row operations. If A is an m × n matrix, if the equation Ax = b has at least two different solutions, and if the equation Ax = c is consistent, then the equation Ax = c has many solutions.

Solutions to Linear Algebra, Fourth Edition, Stephen H. Friedberg.

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