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APPARATUS: Model of two stroke and four stroke Diesel engine. The downward movement of the piston will first close the inlet port and then it will compress the air already sucked in the crank case.

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The movement of the piston is obtained either by the starter motor or by the momentum of the fly wheel. Compression stroke: This stroke starts with the piston at B. The charging is continued until the crank case and the space in the cylinder beneath the piston in filled with the air. 2 Stroke – Slhtly before the completion of the compression stroke a very fine spray of diesel is injected into the compressed air (which is at a very hh temperature). Fure of Two stroke CI Engine Pressure is exerted on the crown of the piston due to the combustion of the air and the piston is pushed in the downward direction producing some useful power.

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Two Stroke Engine, Two, Find Image About Wiring Diagram Into Taissa.

The inlet value is opened and the exhaust value is closed. A few degree before the completion of compression stroke, a very fine spray of diesel is injected into the compressed air. The heat energy released by the combustion of the fuel, results in the rise in pressure of the gases. Exhaust stroke: This stroke starts with the piston at the B. At the end of exhaust stroke, the exhaust valve is also closed. At the same time with the upward movement of the piston, vacuum is created in the crank case.


THEORY: The engine which converts the heat energy into mechanical energy is known as heat engine. Just at the end of power stroke, the piston uncovers the exhaust port and the transfer port simultaneously.

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