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More information from Petter's research in Japan.

Working With Japanese and Western Reiki

These books present that information to the Western audience so that we can all better acquaint ourselves with Usui's authentic Reiki system. It came about when Frank Petter met Reiki practitioners in Japan from a lineage other than Hayashi. Hayashi had a status of Reiki teacher, the title for which is "Shihan", he was never the head of Usui Reiki Gakkei. This is important information for the lineage which spawned Western Reiki, since we were told Hayashi-san was Usui's desnated successor.

The Orinal <i>Reiki</i> Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui eBook -

The Hayashi Reiki Manual Traditional Japanese

Recent research into Usui's authentic Reiki teaching has uncovered Reiki's true history, the methods Usui actually taught, and the organization which preserved his teachings. Takata brought Reiki to the United States - the US was at war with Japan after all - she had to Westernize the practice, meaning much was lost in the translation.

The Orinal Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui eBook -

Fortunately Usui's students preserved the practice in Japan, and starting around the year 2000 began to speak openly. Ushida succeeded Usui as head of Usui Reiki Gakkei, and there were a series of successors following him as the head of Usui Reiki Gakkei.

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