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Looking at our photo gallery of retrofitted singlesand tandems may be helpful in finding a builder to retrofit your bike.

Magna bicycle manual Magna bicycle

If you purchased a bike and your supplier doesn't sell accessory items, check with another builder or retailer listed on this web page or contact us for assistance.

Folding Travel <strong>Bikes</strong> using S and S Machine

Folding Travel Bikes using S and S Machine

S and S Machine does not attempt to determine whether you bike is suitable for retrofitting or not. Some framebuilders are more interested in doing retrofits than others.


To purchase a bike equipped with S and S Couplings, have S and S Couplings retrofit to an existing bike, find out if your bike can be retrofit with couplings or to purchase cases and accessories, please contact a retailer or framebuilder listed on this web site.

Dawes sheila bike owners manual:

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