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The lectures span the following units: Atomic Theory, Nomenclature, and Stoichiometry; Chemical Bonding; Aqueous Solutions and Chemical Reactions; Thermodynamics; Equilibrium; Electrochemistry; Intermolecular Forces; Solutions; Gases; Acids and Bases; and Kinetics.

AP Chemistry Lab Manual - Corona-Norco / District Homepage

All of the worksheets come with answer keys that provide complete solutions and in depth explanations for every question.

AP <i>Chemistry</i> Open Forum 2013 - The College Board

AP Chemistry Open Forum 2013 - The College Board

The lecture outlines for students contain six slides per page and space to add additional information.

Laboratory Materials AP* Chemistry - Apex Learning

Each lecture has an associated worksheet with questions written in the same style as those found on past AP Chemistry exams.

Ap chemistry lab manual 2014:

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